War. War never changes. During the Golden Age of man, a mistake was made, a war was started, and the world died. Chicago burned with Nuclear fire and it’s taken many years for man to return to these steel and concrete ruins. The carcass of the city is now divided between tribes, factions, and warlords. They feed off the corpse of what is now called only Chi.

In the north of the ruins sits a small frontier fortress of the Brotherhood of Steel. An advanced vanguard sent to inspect the Great Lakes, the largest fresh water reservoirs on the North American continent were irradiated along with the rest of the land and water. There size leads some to believe that they may clean themselves faster than any other fresh water source. So the Brotherhood tests and watches, using salvaged US Navy training ships to venture out onto the waves facing pirates, aquatic mutants, and old Navy warbots to find that most precious of commodity; fresh clean water.

Loop Town sits in the center of the city, split between three factions vying for the salvage of this cluttered place. At the north end of Loop Town sits the Apps, led by The Gen they hold much of the old world technology, their facility sits surrounded by a heavy wall draped in electrified wire. The white glow of their cube like fortress both attracts and repels the denizens of Chi. Further south of the Apps and several dozen stories up are the eyries of the Sky-Steel Tribes. Speaking their own language, a mix of English, Spanish, and various slang, the Sky-Steel Tribes lives on the tops of the scarred remains of sky scrapers bridging the space between them with girders, rope ladders, and gliders. They are the unquestioned lords of anything higher than twenty feet and don’t take kindly to strangers entering their territories.

Between these two antagonistic tribes is the actual Loop Town. A place of hard-working scavengers and tradesman they eek out a living fishing, hunting giant rats, and trading with the tribes and others. The town stretches across the northern shoreline of the loop, growing crops on the waters edge, the whole town encased in a high thick wall of concrete blocks and steel girders.

The rest of the ruins are overrun with mutants, giant rats, radscorpions, and a troop of super mutants that have moved into the area recently. Many folks will fill your ear with rumors about secret company labs, a Vault buried outside the loop, and various other brick-a-brack. It’s all Falling here in Chi so you just be sure and bring an extra couple of clips.

The Fallout in Chicago